In every corner of the society, there is a business; some are start-ups, some are thriving, some are
making fame without profits, some are making profits, not realizing they can make more with the
right publicity. While others are on the verge of folding up, concluding that there is something wrong
with the business and not their approach to it. In the heat of all these business cooking and
burning, many have come to realize that any measure can not quantify the role of online marketing
. There are a couple of online marketing strategies a business can use:

1. E-mail Marketing
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Content Marketing etc.

The era of jingles and adverts on radio and television is slowly but steadily being replaced by the
Internet. These jingles and adverts can be placed on the internet and it would reach out to more
people than the television and radio would. The advent of the internet at this time has caused a
rapid growth in business, with the use of the right tools. Despite this awareness, most businesses
have come to think that having the right tools is what it entails to having the knowledge to use
the right tools productively. These online marketing strategies do not come with a “Manual of
Instructions” like your home equipment. Therefore, having an expert work with you in that
aspect of your business is the right thing to do.

Any online marketing strategy you choose for your business requires a content. A content would
help give your clients and prospective clients the required information about your business. Like
a sick person requires the attention of a Doctor and a faulty car the attention of a Mechanic, so
does any business whose preference is the use of content marketing, needs a content writer.
Considering the fact that any online marketing strategy would need a content, the need of a
content writer cannot be overemphasized.
Using the content marketing plan means the goal of the business is the subject matter in the
creation, publication, and dissemination of the content.
Content Marketing has the following edge over any other type of online marketing:
It defines the PURPOSE of the business more; putting the goal of the business at the core of
content creation. This will help decide on the following;

a. The creation of blog/ Website for the business, that would be adequately managed by the
Content Writer.
b. The creation of topics to be discussed on the blog at least twice in a week.
c. The choice of language that the audience can relate to.

All of the above gives the business the thorough bath it needs to be clean before being presented
to its audience. The blog/ Website helps house all the writings as well as serves as a means of
disseminating it to the audience.


A content marketing plan would require the use of SEO. These are the phrases or clauses that the
audience tend to inquire about on the internet. A content writer knows the kind of language that
your audience would easily relate to, though these phrases can be bought. With this knowledge,
the sane repetition of these phrases in a content and the consistent publication of contents that
consist of these phrases brings a business closer to its targeted audience. This act does not only
help you to be easily accessible to your audience but over time it helps to build a good publicity
for the business, so much so that your audience becomes your marketers; sharing your post, and
bringing clients to you, which is the ultimate goal in the expansion scheme.

The use of TRENDS in your business niche

As much as a content writing should describe your goals well, it gives you the ability to address
trending issues in your niche, while focusing on your goal. A content writer knows how to
maneuver this. This helps to keep your audience informed, generating traffic and encouraging
new people to visit the blog or website while still putting your business in the focus of the created content.


A well-structured content marketing would help expand one’s clientele. In a time that you can
barely find anyone who does not use the internet, getting the right client from one’s audience is
easily accessible through the use of a content marketing plan. Not only is it shared to generate
new leads, it can be referred to at a later future to keep the generated new lead convinced about
the business.



Content Marketing plan seems easy to do but it goes beyond planing. For the newbie, it’s always just a string of words but it requires a bit more than a person’s vocabulary. It requires the study of the business, market, and
audience, which many times is an invigorating one. Regardless of how a content marketing plan is
what you need to boost that business and reshape or remodel it, get a professional content writer
to till your business ground for you. Remember, in business grooming, there is never a time to
relax or texton!


Written by

Olamide Mabodu

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