About Us

Let’s be relaxed but classy, simple yet glamorous, trendy but timeless. Can we say something without saying a thing at all? Follow me and let me show you a world powered by digital marketing.

Demi is a professional writer and Digital marketing expert for businesses and start-ups. With an astounding work-ethic, deep background in advanced digital marketing methods and boolean operator techniques, I can rescue your website content efforts and salvage your brand visibility.

Having worked as an Independent writer for THE NATION, I can assimilate your voice brand and convey your message effortlessly. I have written and ghostwritten over 400 guest posts, blog posts, email sales letter, whitepapers and ad copy for about 200 clients across several industries like tourism, hospitality, technology, healthcare, real estate, business and more.
Demi is the content curator and digital marketing advisor for Liveandwingit.com

Demi has written ICO whitepapers, website content, blog posts and marketing collaterals for Oserenade, Cobland, Crestonium, S3ntigraph, Liteum, and Didofa.

Demi has successfully managed social media marketing campaign for Pharmaclinix, BaublesnBloom, ReAble and more.

Demi loves Game of Thrones, ESPN, Harry Potter, MCU.