Advertising Copywriter


Are you really convincing your buyers/prospects or throwing them off?
Struggling to get sales or leads for your high ticket product? (NO! Don’t reduce the price for that webinar or software)
Just starting a new website and in need of an advertising Copywriter?
Trying to get your Facebook ad copy, Amazon copy or e-commerce copy to convey a customer-friendly tone?
Welcome home as you have waltzed to the right corner!!

Copywriting is where your pitching really begins.

One of the best ways to win new deals and close sales is to get a persuasive copy that best resonates with your business and customers.

People want to be happy knowing how much value they get for their money.


Spending a few dollars up front with a good copywriter or editor makes a lot of sense for sales down the road. Saving a few dollars now can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the future in lost sales.

But let me tell you something. Copywriting is not writing school essays, and definitely, not letters to your girlfriend. Copywriting is a serious business, very much in demand, and copywriters are rare breeds of scribes who know how to make words force someone to take action. That is not easy at all.

Get it right with full copywriting service that includes SEO, compelling business language and engaging website copy.

Why Choose this Advertising Copywriter?

  • You need a writer that understands the power of business language.

  • You need a copywriter that can turn doubters to believers

  • You need an experienced digital marketer who is armed with the right SEO tools and knows how to get your content shooting through the ranks.

Yes, that’s all me!!
You need a fresh and exciting web or sales copy that informs and educates your suspects, prospects and existing clients of your product, app or service.
I am a professional copywriter with a working knowledge of several e-commerce stores and advertising platforms.
I have worked with Fortune 500 companies and created words on marble for their Facebook ad campaign, Amazon product campaigns and e-commerce stores

My services include:

  • Facebook ad copy
  • Sales copy for high ticket product
  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Website content
  • Email series for an Email marketing campaign
  • Sales letter for cold pitches
  • Product description copy

So what are you waiting for?

Are you looking to play BIG in the global marketplace?
Connect with the right customers.
Tell your story in a persuasive, engaging web or advertising copy that takes you to the promise land.

Place an order or shoot me a message.