7 Vocational Training Programmes & Skills In Nigeria

by Opeoluwa Falodun

Looking for a resource that shows the top Vocational Training Programmes & Skills In Nigeria? Read this article and get a business plan alongside.

Generally speaking, vocational skills are those that you acquire in order to become informed about a certain trade or career. The first step towards becoming an entrepreneur is to acquire one or two vocational talents. The majority of prosperous Nigerian company owners and entrepreneurs began their careers by obtaining a trade skill or degree that is in great demand in the community.

With almost 73 million youth unemployed in Africa today, the likelihood of unemployment among young people is three times higher than that of adult unemployed persons. Having one or two vocational skills in Nigeria would help you become more employable among the millions of jobless workers and graduates in the country, in addition to opening doors to entrepreneurship. The main topic of this piece is the best training and skills for vocational careers in Nigeria.

1. Hair Styling (Unisex)

Because they cut and style customers’ hair, hair stylists play a crucial role in the health and beauty sector. They know a great deal about the right products for different types of hair, and they are quite talented at handling hair. Hair stylists are in high demand everywhere you go in Nigeria these days.

For a hair stylist to be effective in cutting and styling hair, they must possess certain talents. Both on the workplace and in a trade school are possible places to acquire these abilities. In order to succeed as a hairdresser, you must continually be learning new things and being up to date on the latest trends. Should you ever hope to open your own beauty clinic, you will need to possess exceptional talent and understanding about hair and hairstyles.


2. Fashion Designing

Design and style go hand in hand. A talented designer should also have no trouble piecing together textiles and clothing to produce beautiful finished pieces. A career in fashion design might involve dressing top models and celebrities, displaying at national fashion shows, and creating and retailing ready-to-wear apparel for both adults and children.

Learning to sketch is essential if you plan to design and create your own clothing since it will enable you to see your ideas on paper. A keen eye for detail is just as important for fashion designers as being able to realise their visions. While becoming a fashion designer can be quite stressful, it can also be a very profitable and fulfilling career option.


3. Makeup Artistry


A certain kind of professional talent called makeup artistry enhances a person’s physical appearance by highlighting their best features. Forbes has described makeup artistry as a goldmine for self-made women in the beauty sector.

It’s business as usual to appear well in Nigeria. Makeup artists are in high demand right now. of them, the majority are young, attractive women. Even though there may only be a sporadic and seasonal need for makeup artists (mostly on weekends), the field is growing for highly skilled artists.

Getting your services involved in beauty parlours and wedding ceremonies can help you build a customer fast. Learn new skills that broaden your expertise whether you take formal classes, watch YouTube makeup tutorials, or decide to take part in on-the-job training. This will help your makeup artistry business succeed financially.


4. Event Planning


Hundreds of thousands of Nigerians attend events every weekend, ranging from housewarmings to funerals, marriages to kid dedications. One kind of job skill that requires a lot of administration and oversight is event planning. Although it’s one of the most difficult jobs in the world, event planning is also one of the most gratifying careers. A competent event coordinator should be somewhat knowledgeable in all areas, including baking, catering, and staff and resource management.

The experience a planner provides to their clients will determine the long-term viability of an event planning company. Therefore, in order to succeed in the events sector, you’ll need a broad range of foundational event planning abilities as well as a fantastic network of various event professionals, including caterers, photographers, DJs, bands, lighting and A/V specialists, décor experts, videographers, and more.


5. Electrical Repairs

Price of MTN Solar Inverter in Nigeria

It’s time to consider developing more advanced electrical repair abilities and launching your own electrical repair company if you frequently find yourself fixing small electrical gadgets in your flat for friends, family, and neighbours.

One thing about household electrical appliances is that they are affordable for everyone to possess, regardless of income level. While some people are okay with getting new appliances to replace their broken ones, the majority of people would rather fix their own appliances to save money.

While official training is not a must for starting this kind of business, having experience from an apprentice programme or vocational training will give you a competitive advantage.

6. Home Cleaning

One of the cheapest routes to become a business owner is to open a house cleaning company. In the nation’s cities, this is a successful industry as there are always homes that need to be cleaned, and people are happy to delegate this task to others.

The fundamental abilities needed to work as a professional house cleaning are ones that we all learn in our childhood homes. Being as professional as you can and investing in the correct cleaning supplies to make your life simpler are the only things you can do to set yourself apart. For further ideas, check out Nigerian websites such as Fichaya.com.

7. Arts and Crafts


Any of a broad range of artistic endeavours in which functional and ornamental items are entirely crafted by hand or with the aid of basic tools are considered crafts. The term “arts and crafts” refers to a broad range of handicraft-related activities. Crafts and the arts are often hobbies. While certain crafts (art talents) date back millennia, others are relatively modern innovations.

Nigerians often need to be skilled in painting, drawing, weaving, beading, sewing, and shoemaking. Developing any of the aforementioned artistic and craft abilities will launch you on an amazing entrepreneurial adventure, enabling you to create and market stunning creative items to consumers.

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