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Looking for a Feasibility Study for a Restaurant for your new or existing enterprise?

Download this Feasibility Study for Restaurant, which you can download to present to NIRSAL, TEF BOI, BOA, and other investors.


Innovative Food Business Ideas with Small Capital Investment

Starting a food business doesn’t always require a hefty initial investment. With creativity, innovation, and strategic planning, you can launch a successful venture without breaking the bank. Here are some practical and profitable food business ideas that can be initiated with a small capital investment.

1. Home-Based Catering Service

Initial Investment: Low to Moderate

Starting a home-based catering service allows you to tap into the demand for specialized meals for events, parties, and small gatherings. Invest in basic kitchen equipment, create a unique menu, and market your services through local advertising and social media.

2. Food Delivery Service

Initial Investment: Low to Moderate

In the age of convenience, a food delivery service can be a lucrative business. Partner with local restaurants or prepare your own specialty dishes. Invest in a reliable mode of transportation and market your service through delivery platforms and social media.

3. Food Stall or Pop-Up Booth

Initial Investment: Low

Set up a food stall at local events, markets, or high-traffic areas. This idea allows you to test the waters with minimal investment. Focus on a specific cuisine or dish to stand out from the competition.

4. Specialty Food Products

Initial Investment: Moderate

Create and sell specialized food products such as sauces, jams, pickles, or spice blends. Perfect your recipes, source quality ingredients, and invest in packaging and labeling. Sell your products online, at local markets, or through small retailers.

5. Baking and Confectionery

Initial Investment: Low to Moderate

If you have a knack for baking, consider starting a small-scale bakery business. Focus on a niche like artisan bread, cupcakes, or specialty pastries. Invest in basic baking equipment and market your products through local advertising and social media.

6. Meal Prep and Delivery Service

Initial Investment: Low to Moderate

In response to busy lifestyles, many people are looking for convenient, healthy meal options. Start a meal prep service that offers ready-to-eat or pre-packaged meals. Invest in a commercial kitchen space, packaging materials, and reliable delivery methods.

7. Mobile Food Truck

Initial Investment: Moderate

A food truck provides mobility and flexibility in reaching different customer bases. Serve a specialized menu with a unique twist. Invest in a food truck, equipment, and permits. Utilize social media to inform customers about your location.

8. Online Cooking Classes or Workshops

Initial Investment: Low

Leverage your culinary expertise by offering online cooking classes or workshops. Create a website, invest in video equipment, and promote your classes through social media and online platforms. Monetize your classes through subscription models or one-time fees.

9. Dietary-Specific Catering

Initial Investment: Low to Moderate

Focus on a specific dietary niche, such as vegan, gluten-free, or keto-friendly cuisine. Tailor your menu to cater to the dietary needs of your target market. Invest in high-quality ingredients and market your services through niche-specific channels.


Starting a food business with a small capital investment requires resourcefulness, careful planning, and a solid business strategy. By identifying a niche, optimizing your resources, and utilizing creative marketing strategies, you can launch a successful food venture without a significant initial financial outlay. Remember, dedication and a commitment to quality are essential for long-term success in the food industry.


1.0. Overview of the Industry

Food, in reality, is a necessity for humans that should not be neglected, whether you are a foodie or not. There is no question that many people die of hunger when there is nothing to eat to replenish their energies. As a result, the restaurant industry throughout the world is one that generates significant revenue each year and can easily withstand the test of time if properly handled.

Any business owner who invests in the food industry is guaranteed to make a profit if the company is well-positioned. There is no denying that eating is one of people’s most fundamental requirements. As a result, when individuals are hungry, they will go to any length to satisfy themselves, and restaurants are strategically designed to meet such needs. Restaurants of various types may be found all over the world. Here are a couple such examples:

  • Restaurants that provide fast food
  • Restaurants that cater to people from all around the world
  • Restaurants in the neighborhood
  • Fast-casual eateries, for example.
  • However, if you want to open a restaurant in a city with thousands of people (both foreign and local), an intercontinental restaurant may be your best bet.

Above and beyond that, it is beneficial to learn culinary talents as well as conduct a full and extensive feasibility research before deciding on the sort of restaurant to open and the place to establish the business.

2.0. Executive Summary

Richie Intercontinental is a 150-seat family-style restaurant located in the heart of Ikeja-Lagos. Felix Richard and his family are the only owners and managers of the restaurant.

The restaurant will be a place where over a hundred intercontinental and local delicacies will be available per time prepared by some of the best chefs in Lagos. Ikeja was chosen as the origin for our intercontinental restaurant because of the large percentage of migrants from different parts of the world.

Apart from being an intercontinental restaurant serving various types of intercontinental and local delicacies in a cozy environment with tons of music that will remind them of their culture and heritage, we will also offer food delivery services to a portion of our clients who place orders for any of our intercontinental meals regardless of where they live in Lagos.

Within the first ten years of operation, we intend to establish the company as the leading brand in the restaurant industry in Lagos, as well as one of the top 20 restaurants in Nigeria.

Our ultimate goal is to build a successful single-unit, first-class, intercontinental restaurant with a minimum of one outlet of our intercontinental restaurant in major cities all across Nigeria.

3.0. Our Products and Services

Giving our customers a home away from home experience and meeting their needs would go a long way in breeding repeat customers which is what will be our main focus especially migrants who truly want to reconnect via food with their culture and heritage. Given that, we have specifically listed at least tons of different intercontinental meals in our menu list. the following are the various type of products and services we will be providing:

  • Assorted alcoholic and non–alcoholic drinks and wines.
  • Standard culinary training school.
  • Home delivery services to our clients
  • Outdoor catering services.

4.0. Mission and Vision

  • To be amongst the top 20 intercontinental restaurant brands in Nigeria within the first 10 years of operations.
  • To build chains of standard intercontinental restaurants in major cities in Nigeria; a place where migrants, tourists and people of all walks of life can reconnect with their culture and heritage through their local delicacies, drinks and music.

5.0. Our Business Structure

These are the following roles and positions that will be duly occupied before opening our business doors to the public. They include:

Chief Executive Officer
Chef Restaurant Manager Sales and Marketing Officer
Waiter and Waitress Cashiers
Dispatch Riders
Security Officers



Our strength is placed on our ability to serve our customers through the options of having them either visit our restaurant anytime of the day or by delivering their orders straight to any location of their choice. The fact that we offer outdoor catering services and also culinary training stands to our advantage in the restaurant industry in Nigeria.


So far, we have been able to identify a few weaknesses on our part. The fact that we are a new restaurant with one outlet competing with major restaurant brands in Nigeria may likely count to our disadvantage.


Beyond every reasonable doubt, the opportunities at our disposal are unlimited. The restaurant business in Lagos and even across the country is a profitable business venture.

Another opportunity that we stand to explore is the point that our restaurant is located in a highly cultured area in Lagos; a place with a huge population of migrants of Various descent.


The threat that we are likely to face is the fact that we are competing with already established restaurants that serve intercontinental meals, and the appearance of a new similar business within the location of our business. Another threat that we are likely going to face is the area of government policies.

Our Target Market

We are quite aware that the target market for the restaurant cum food business cuts across people of all walks of life since food is required to survive and we are prepared to meet the needs of as many customers as we can, within the various locations our intercontinental restaurant will be located. In order to stay focused on the kind of business brand we intend to build, we have clearly defined certain groups of people as our main target. They are:

Migrants International Tourists
Top Executives Families Celebrities
The Diplomatic Community Residence Corporate Organizations

7.0. Our competitive advantage

The fact that we are adopting a unique strategy that will help us gain our own market share, stay afloat in the industry and steadily walk our way to the top of the restaurant business in Lagos and in Nigeria.

Another advantage is the fact that we are serving various intercontinental delicacies in a cozy environment that will make our customers connect with their culture and heritage, we will offer home delivery services, we will offer culinary training and we will also offer outdoor catering services, as demanded by our clients.

How To Download Feasibility Study for Restaurant Business Plan Template

Above is a part of the Restabusiness plan template in Nigeria. If you want the complete Law firm business plan sample with the full financial plan, calculations, and more, follow the procedures to download it. 

Pay the sum of N8000 (Eight thousand naira only) to the account detail below:
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Thereafter, send us your email address through text message to +234 701 754 2853The text must contain the title of the business plan you want and also your email address. Immediately after the confirmation of your payment, we will send the restaurant business plan template in Nigeria to your email address where you can easily download it.

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