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Looking for a resource or guide on “Social Media Content Calendar for Nigerian Businesses”? (agriculture, hotel, restaurant, oil and gas, real estate, hotel, church, IT, fashion, cake vendor and more)

You can also download the Social Media Content calendar in Nigeria at the end of this article, which you can download to improve your social media game.

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The best social media marketers keep organized with content calendars. They are essential organizational tools for strategically planning all the content you’ll create and share. When you work ahead of schedule, you can avoid last-minute scrambling to keep your social media pipeline full, resulting in less stress and better quality content.

What is a Social Media Calendar

Social media calendars are apps used to schedule social posts in advance. They’re used to plan ahead when and which content will be shared and manage social media campaigns.

A social media calendar are best built using software services because of its automation abilities and time saving characteristics but some people opt for the good old paper calendar approach, whichever way you decide to go with is fine as long as the purpose of using a social media calendar is not defeated.

Benefits of Using a Social Media Calendar

Reasons to use a social media calendar are the benefits of using one, and there are many reasons to use a social media calendar.

A social media calendar will help you manage and organize multiple social media accounts; this will help you avoid disorganization which might affect your efficiency hence transforming chaos into harmony.

A social media will help you manage your social media tasks and help you set deadlines helping you minimize procrastination.

A social media calendar helps you save time, planning your outreach with a calendar will help you make the most of your time.

All these benefits will help you improve your results and what’s more, the calendar will help you measure your results and will allow you keep track of which activities provided the best results.

Who Can Use a Social Media Calendar?

Anybody creating social content and seeking engagement and online visibility can use a social media calendar from high-end sophisticated media companies, to marketing teams in firms, consultants, bloggers and even small business owners looking to increase their customer base on social media.

How to Plan Your Social Media Calendar?

Planning a social media calendar might seem arduous, using the right methods and applications will help you not get too overwhelmed and we have laid out a list of steps you have to take so it gets easier;

Figure out which types of content you’ll create, it could be visual content (images and videos), text, and so on

Plan your social media marketing themes for a whole year, this might seem daunting but it really isn’t; you can add popular events to your calendar like holidays, national and local events, new product launches, and even sales discounts like Black Friday and others.


Developing a Calendar-Based Social Media Workflow

Plan a social media marketing workflow for yourself all based on your social Media Content Calendar for Nigerian Businesses. Below are a few steps that will help you make a workflow;

-Determine what you’ll Be Creating or Sharing

Know what you will be creating and eventually sharing as your social media content which is part of your whole marketing campaign, it could be a blog post or article, landing page, event, contest, brand or product. Knowing what you’ll be promoting, creating, or sharing is where your process will start.

-Write Your Post Copy

When writing copy for your posts, think of each message as a call to action, all these subtle details will add up and make your campaign pack a punch, sell your followers on the value they’ll get if they just click through to read your blog post, or make them question a common problem promising a better solution, or better still make them feel like they are missing out on something amazing.

Some of the specific types of messaging that you can try out are;



FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Controversy (do not be offensive)



Tip to Keep Your Calendar Full

Making a calendar is one task, keeping it full is another but this shouldn’t pose as much of a problem like it seems and what’s more is you don’t really need to always create exclusively fresh posts.

You can always re-share top-performing posts, when resharing posts, space them out and always post them at different times.


How To Download Social Media Plan Template in Nigeria

If you want the social Media Content Calendar for Nigerian Businesses, follow the procedures to download it. 

Pay the sum of N3000 (Three thousand naira only) to the account detail below:
Bank: GTBank
Name: Oyewole Abidemi (I am putting my name and not our company account so you know we are real people and you can trust us)
Ac/No: 0238933625
Type: Saving

Thereafter, send us your email address through text message to +234 701 754 2853The text must contain the title of the social media calendar you want and also your email address. Immediately after the confirmation of your payment, we will send the social media plan template in Nigeria to your email address where you can easily download it.


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