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If you are looking for a Business Plan Writer in Abuja or a business plan writer in Lagos

Our Abuja business plan writers have written business plans for a variety of Abuja clients over the years. We are the top business plan writers here in the Federal Capital Territory. We have customers in every part of Abuja. We can assist you in achieving your business goals, whether you are just starting out or already have one and are trying to scale or raise funding.

Our business plan writers have extensive expertise with both small and large businesses. We’ve prepared business plans for both new and established businesses. This contains a project between HP and Glo World for which we produced a business strategy.

All you need to do is just click on any of the following Business Plan of your choice, and you’ll immediately be able to download the full business plan to apply for your grant or loan.

  1. Maize Flour Processing Business Plan download
  2. Cattle Rearing Full Business Plan Download
  3. Poultry (Layers or Broilers) Full Business Plan Download
  4. Cat Fish Farming Full Business Plan Download
  5. Groundnut (Peanut) Farming Full Business Plan Download
  6. Ginger Planting Full Business Plan Download
  7. Potato Chips Production Full Business Plan Download
  8. Groundnut Oil Processing Full Business Plan Download
  9. Rice Cultivation Full Business Plan Download
  10. Grains and Cereals Wholesale Full Business Plan Download
  11. Cassava Farming Full Business Plan Download
  12. Yam Farming Full Business Plan Download
  13. Shea Butter Processing Full Business Plan Download
  14. Furniture Wood Work Full Business Plan Download for Loan
  15. Download Full Bakery Business Plan
  16. Cassava Production and Processing Full Business Plan Download
  17. Pure/Sachet/Table Water Full Business Plan Download


  • Definition Of The Problem – Executive Summary
  • Solution and Explanation Of The Business Model
  • Industry & Market-Sizing.
  • Feasibility Study or Analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competition and Sustainable Advantage. …
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy.
  • Executive team.
  • Financial Plan
  • Mission Statement

Having a business plan is usually a good idea. Of course, you may start a business without one, but there are various advantages to having one. A strong business strategy will assist you in identifying three key factors:

  • Where have you progressed?

Are you just getting started? What are your startup costs, what problem does your company solve, and who is behind it all?

  • Where would you like to be?

You must have business objectives, such as how many consumers you aim to service over time, how much income you expect to generate over time, and so on.

  • What is the best way to get there?

You want a blueprint for how you’ll attract clients or customers, how much money you’ll need to get started, what you’ll do with the money, whether you plan to raise outside financing or finance the business yourself, and so on.

You’ll be well ahead of the man who merely has an idea and hasn’t figured out how to implement it once you’ve identified and answered these questions.


We have a number of clients that have benefited from our services as Abuja business plan writers. These include (but are not limited to):

  • AppIZ
  • Olabisi foods
  • primezee
  • Big Way Solutions Ltd.

Whether you need business plan writers in Gwarinpa, Suleija, Gwagwalada, Kuje, or anywhere else in the FCT, our Abuja business plan writers can help you create a comprehensive business plan. Our reputation speaks for itself, as most of our clients will tell you that requesting us to offer business plans and blueprints for their company was the best move they ever made. It’s now your turn; you, too, can run a great and prosperous company.

We understand your needs as Abuja business plan writers and will create a personalized business plan for you.


We can supply you with business plans for any industry, including: As the premier Business Plan Writer in Abuja , we can give you with business plans for any industry, including:

  • Poultry business plan
  • Restaurant business plan
  • Fish farming business plan
  • Cocoa farming business plan
  • Retail store business plan
  • Software/Mobile App business plan
  • E-commerce business plan
  • Bakery Business Plan
  • Tomato processing business plan
  • Dry Cleaning Business Plan
  • Snail farming business plan
  • Pharmacy business plan
  • Bottled/Pure Water business plan

The range of business plans is endless, and whatever your needs are, our Abuja business plan writers will design a personalized business plan for you. Your company plan should be as distinctive as you are.

We are familiar with the local environment and will provide you with business solutions that can compete anywhere in the world.

Those looking for investment can rely on us to write an investor-ready business plan for them.

Using a novice or attempting to produce a business plan when you have no idea what investors are looking for could jeopardize your ability to raise funding or attract investors.

You may not have a second chance to establish a strong first impression with investors, as you are aware. So, nail it with a strong business plan and let investors “fight” for your company or idea.

Allow the best Business Plan Writer in Abuja to design a unique business plan for you. A bankable and investor-friendly company strategy.

We are excited to collaborate with you!


Contact us today to get yours done now! (info@liveandwingit@gmail.com, 2347017542853, +1 (615) 576-0520

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