How to Find Copywriting Jobs In Nigeria

by Demi

Are you searching for copywriting jobs in Nigeria? These days, the demand for copywriting is rising rapidly than before. Because it is becoming more necessary for large, medium, and small businesses to build a solid online presence, there are more opportunities for highly skilled copywriters from brands and companies that are willing to grow their online presence.

Copywriting is a fantastic skill, and freelancing is an excellent way for highly skilled copywriters to make money right from the comfort of their home. It isn’t easy to become a professional writer, but if you know your onions, you can turn that skill of yours into a money-making machine now. Before we get started, it’s important to know the difference between copywriting and content writing. In this post, we will show you how you can get a job as a copywriter in Nigeria.

How to Find Copywriting Jobs In Nigeria


  1. Indeed

This is a top-rated job site that has worldwide appeal. This website gets more than 200 million unique visitors monthly, and these visitors are from more than sixty countries. From this website, you can find copywriting jobs by editing the country search feature to limit your search to Nigeria.


2. Air Tasker

Airtasker posts over 40,000 tasks per week on the platform.  In today’s pandemic, people badly need jobs especially now that most of us are quarantined; no more jobs for people and no more paychecks for them to look forward to. This is where Air Tasker comes in. Sign up on air tasker and bid for copywriting jobs. You can check out the directory here.


3. Upwork

This platform has more than 1.5 million clients, and it offers something for all kinds of freepanc4rs. It is excellent for both long and short-term projects, per-project or hourly work, and entry-level and expert-level engagements. Irrespective of your level as a copywriter, UpWork will most likely have a thing for you.


4. LinkedIn Jobs

If you already have a LinkedIn profile, do not let the account just be there. There is a section on it known as LinkedIn jobs, which is an excellent place for you to get copywriting jobs. In the world of freelancing, networking will really help you, and LinkedIn is a fantastic resource where you can network and will help you get more job opportunities.


5. Freelancer

Freelancer is quite different from other platforms because while also providing thousands of freelance writing jobs, this platform also gives you the chance to compete in contests with other freelancers to prove your skill. If you are confident in your ability and are competitive, it is a fantastic way of showcasing your expertise and attract clients.


6. Fiverr

This is a worldwide online marketplace that offers services and tasks. The starting price of tasks done is $5, which is where the name “Fiverr” was coined. There are currently over 3 million freelance services and jobs listed on Fiverr, and that includes copywriting, which you can apply for.



Thi a freelance platform where buyers are able to hire workers from several industries to do some jobs and tasks. Although there are lesser jobs on compared to other freelance platforms, the jobs on the website are of better quality, and the pay is relatively higher.


8. MediaBistro

This is actually more than just a job board. You’ll be able to get every type of media jobs and resources for copywriters in this website that’s rich in information. One fantastic thing about this job board is that you’ll be able to search for jobs based on location, so it’s an excellent resource to get a local job.


9. Problogger

This is one of the foremost freelance writing job sites. There are jobs ranging from beginners to experts. People who advertise on this website are charged $50 for a 30 days post; you are almost certain that you’ll get jobs of exceptional quality and excellent pay.


10. Freelance Writing Gigs

Either you are a copywriter, publisher, blogger, editor, or all of those; this platform is an excellent option for anyone good with words.


11. Freelance Writing

This is a very comprehensive website for either brand that wants to hire writers of great quality and also freelancers that want to get high-paying jobs and earn money as a copywriter. This site is packed with a state of the art quality and offers businesses premium access to some of the best writers anyone can find.



That’s it. These are some of the best platforms to find copywriting jobs in Nigeria. There are a lot of scam websites on the internet, and you should completely avoid them. Even though it’s quite reasonable for a site to ask for payment before they can advertise your service, availability, and rates, steer clear off websites that ask for payment for leads, or the ones that tell you to do assignments without any contract.

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