How to Start a Lucrative Pig Farming Business in Nigeria

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This article comes with a free business plan for the Pig rearing business.

Pig farming which is also known as piggery is a lucrative aspect of farming that involves the commercial breeding of pigs, it is practiced widely for its high-income characteristic, it generates a lot of profit over time if done correctly. The demand for pork meat in Nigeria is unparalleled, next to none compared to its supply this makes the meat sell fast in the market. Also, pigs reproduce in large numbers and grow at a rate higher than most mammals that ensures a great ROI.

A sow (female pig) is so fertile and has the capabilities to farrow 12 piglets at a time, a superb reproductive feat, making it one of the most reproducing farm animals in the world. Piglets are also called shoat or farrow. A male pig is also known as Boar while the female is a sow. A group of pigs is called a herd or drove.

A pig farmer can get N35,000 on the sale of a fully grown or even more depending on the weight. Considering how fast pigs reproduce you can have a stock of over 100 pigs in a month if you start with the ideal number of sows that would get you 100 piglets in a month which is 10 sows and a stud that will mate with them, under the right conditions the piglets will grow to maturity and they can be sold for 35,000 earning you 3.5 million nairas, keep this up for a year and see yourself smiling to the bank.

Now how do you go about getting the props right before foraying into this business? They’re listed down below, keep scrolling!


Get a Farmland for Breeding

A plot of land would do for a start if you’re a rookie. But if you have the funds and mean real business, big farmland will be worthwhile for going large scale because it will give the pigs the luxury of open grazing and then retire to a pen that you will provide on the farmland where they’ll continue feeding and playing. The land is the major factor for this venture, once big pig farmland is secured, you can almost smell a successful business empire.

Getting farmland depends on some key factors, where proximity to market and cost are the major factors among others, getting the land in rural areas might save you lots of funds but the proximity to market, transportation to market is at stake, though some butchers might decide to come down to the farm to buy if it is too far your offer has to be really good, getting the land in an area close to urban areas might cost a lot but cost of transportation won’t be so big of a deal and also it will be very proximal to the market and sales will pick quickly even in your first few months of selling to the market.

Getting large farmland also has its toll on the growth of pigs because the pigs will be able to graze around and also exercise their bodies by playing.

Build Modern Pens

Big pens are very necessary, close to obligatory, to prevent trampling and also reduce the rate and possibility of disease transmission. A spacious pen can cost money in the costs of the building but has a good ROI because, in turn, it will save you lots of money which would have been spent on treating diseases and also prevent losses in terms of dead and injured pigs due to trampling and. A well-functioning drainage system is very important to avoid stagnation of water around the pen which will attract vectors which will in turn cause diseases.

The popular belief that pigs are dirty animals is kind of a myth as pigs essentially need to cool off as their metabolism generates a lot of heat, so pigs end up wallowing in mud waters in the absence of neat waters, to prevent your pigs getting dirty, a water pool where they’ll play, swim and cool themselves will be necessary.

Buy Healthy Pigs

Before foraying into any venture, proper research is always encouraged so doing proper research on pigs and piggery will save you a lot of cash, or prevent you from losing lots of cash because your research will enlighten you about what types of pigs you should use as your starting stock and the necessary mistakes to avoid and things to do, and will also enlighten you on the importance of vaccination so you buy vaccinated stock or buy a stock and vaccinate them, any which way.

Starting with a small number of piglets and then increase gradually is the best way to go about it so you’ll really understand the whole piggery thing and this way you’ll be able to minimize your risk.

You’ll also need the services of a vet doctor for regular checkups and vaccination as well as proper feeding and nutrition practices.

Employ Workers

If you’re starting a small scale pig farming business, you can employ at 3-5 hands to clean the pigs and pens as well as feeding them regularly.

Proper Feeding

Every livestock has to be fed properly to ensure you get good and healthy stock that will pull big profits, it’s a GIGO system, so proper feeding is very important. Failing to feed, properly at that too, is sure steering your whole piggery farm and venture towards failure and bad business.

Pigs need food that has a high amount of fiber and is relatively rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, protein, and minerals to optimize their growth and all this has to abided by in order to prepare them for the market as this is the aim and purpose of rearing them in the first place.

Also not to be toyed with is their water. Pigs like other farm animals need a constant supply of freshwater and must also ensure that their water is changed regularly. Galvanized troughs are easy to clean and should be part of your ideal feeding equipment. Whatever promotes cleanliness and healthy living to your pigs should be done and done properly.

Pig farming is definitely a way of becoming a rich person in Nigeria. Employing these guides in your pig farming business will definitely yield success.

How To Download This Complete Pig Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

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