How to Start a Lucrative Pig Farming Business in Nigeria

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Looking for a comprehensive article that explains how to start a lucrative pig farming business in Nigeria?

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Piggery, another name for pig farming is an aspect of livestock farming in Nigeria that is known for its high profitability and its astronomical ROI. The reasons that make this business so profitable is the steady high demand for pork in Nigeria as it is relished by a lot of demographics in the country and also the stupendous rate at which pigs are known to reproduce, known as farrowing., it’s as stupendous as one pig giving birth to as much as 12 piglets at a time, making it one of the most reproducing farm animal in the world. Piglets are also called shoat or farrow. A male pig is also known as Boar while the female is a sow. A group of pigs is called a herd or drove.

A matured pig can be purchased for as much as N35,000, and this also varies too depending on the weight. With the rate at which pigs multiply getting and rearing a hundred (100) pigs in a year won’t be such a herculean task. This sounds really inviting and attractive but all could stop as quickly as it started without adequate knowledge and prior planning on how to go about the business, now comes the question, how do you go about setting up this business? That’s why you clicked to read this article, sit back and get a cup of coffee



A. Get a Farmland for Breeding

A plot of land will do justice to the cause if you are just venturing into the business but on a large and extensive scale, big farmland is advisable and worthwhile as pigs are partial scavengers and would enjoy to roam and rummage and would retire to the sty after the day. Land is the major and primary investment in this business and this is a fact because after securing farmland you are halfway towards creating a successful business empire.

If you are looking to save a lot of money, it is advisable to get the farmland in a rural and remote area, this ranges from 250,000 – 500,000 depending on the location and the size of the farmland (in this case is usually a plot) but large farmland should be what you should opt for as pigs are fat animals, they have a lot of fat and large farmland will enable them to play and exercise.

B. Build Modern Pens

A large pen is advisable and this will reduce the risk of getting your pigs inflicting injuries upon themselves. Spacious and convenient pens with a good drainage system and a water pool will save you the cost of treating diseases frequently and also prevent the stagnation of water and the water pool will provide a playground where the pigs will swim, play and cool down when necessary.

C. Buy Healthy Pigs

Buying healthy pigs will save you lots of cash in the long run, that is why a lot of research has to be done on the stock you’ll purchase when you buy piglets with untraceable history, you’ll lose a lot of money. You should consider buying piglets with a history of vaccination.

It is always recommended to start piggery with a small number of piglets and then increase steadily and gradually. This way you’ll be able to know how the pig farming business operates and in the process minimize your risk.

D. Employ Workers

You can employ at least 4-5 persons to help you out in grooming the pigs and cleaning the pens as well as feeding them too as proper feeding is essential for the growth and development of pigs. Healthy feeding directly predicts good sales improper feeding is a factor that steers the pig farming business towards failure. Pigs feed should contain a high amount of fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins, protein, and minerals to ensure proper growth. The sole aim of feeding pigs is to make them market-ready, so feeding should be properly done.

Pigs especially need a constant supply of fresh water as they generate a large amount of heat, their behavior makes it necessary that their water is changed regularly. Whatever promotes cleanliness and healthy living to your pigs should be carried out.


I hope you have learned how to start a pig farming business in Nigeria.

In summary, pig farming is one sure way of becoming a millionaire in Nigeria. When you employ these guides in your pig farming business, you are sure to be headed for success.

How To Download This Complete Pig Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

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