The Art of Perfecting Your Advertising Copywriting Skills

by Demi

Written by Demi Oye

Copywriting has climbed its way to the top of the “must haves” of a digital marketer’s skill arsenal.

Before we veer off into the crux of this piece, I will do a quick brush up on advertising copywriting

Advertising copywriting is quite different from everyday writing, a piece of journal or a research paper.

Advertising copywriting is a strategic way of writing with the primary goal of convincing customers to buy a product or service. It requires high levels of creativity. Writing is hard enough for many marketers, and the need to pay attention to details in copywriting makes it somewhat overwhelming, especially for newbies.

What makes advertising writing awesome?

An advertising copywriter’s salary is quite juicy in the marketing world. To keep their jobs, advertising copywriters have to be on their A game at all times.

But how do I perfect my copywriting skills?

It’s possible to grab the attention of a reader with a single sentence, and you are about to learn how to do that.

9 Secrets of advertising copywriting that will make a customer happily pay for a product/service

Know the basic principles for writing

An elite copywriter must possess excellent writing skills. Your use of grammar and spellings must be excellent. Your use of words must be unique. An advert with the wrong usage of English is a turn-off and is going to send red flags to your prospects.

A perfect headline

Even if you write the best article in the world, without a killer headline, attracted to it, it will do average in the number of views and social shares at best. Create multiple headlines and pick from the best. 10 headline ideas for each ad copy is no bad idea. Imagine picking the best from 10; it would be the very best you bet. Getting a killer headline needs a great deal of creativity and a copywriter has to take out time to develop themselves. Expand your vocabulary; learn more adjectives, adverbs, and synonyms. Analyzing the headlines of magazines and any killer article at all works too. An advertising copywriter’s salary is huge enough to cover for the stress. Your organization or client wants to get the value for their money.

Direct your writing at one person

Every advertising copywriter should already know their target audience. This way it would be easy to focus their writing on one persona. The trick here is to treat it like you’re trying to grab one person’s attention. And when you grasp that person’s attention, you have also done the same for others.

Keep it spicy and short

The Today’s reader attention span is now eight minutes; thanks to smartphones. Keep that in mind when writing articles. Users do not read very long articles. It’s better you keep it short and spicy. A catchy start would keep the reader interested. Keep it spicy by incorporating emotions and drama into your article. Step into their shoes and assume their role for a minute. Analytics also help to understand what readers are responding to per time. Write from a perspective that attacks their needs while keeping it short. This approach is a way to grab and retain a user’s attention. Including a call-to-action at the end is vital too.

Make use of “FOMO”

“FOMO” simply means the “fear of missing out”. Here, you let them know in subtle ways that your offer would only last for a while. This way, you’ll be presenting your product/service as one greatly desired by people. Hence, they’ll have the FOMO. It gives them the incentive to make a purchase quickly as they know that your offer wouldn’t be available forever.

Pick Good copywriters to look up to

Studying good copywriters like Gary Halbert will do you lots of good. Reading their works over and over help you improve and understand what excellent copywriting skills look like. Over time, you’d see significant differences in your copywriting skills.

Do your homework

Your“homework” in this sense refers to researching to get your basic facts as well as restraining for plagiarizing someone else’s works. It’s crucial you get your facts right as you don’t want wrong statistics or information seen in your work. It’s a huge turn off too.

Use Bullets

Even if a user cannot read your entire article, bullet points do the work of giving a summary. You can never go wrong with bullets.

Editing is Everything

Edit! Edit!! Edit all over. Edit ruthlessly and even if you have to get the services of an editor; by all means, please do.


Advertising Copywriting remains an in-demand skill to this day. Do not drop the pen yet. Write every day, study landing pages copy and ad copies of the greats in the copywriting space and develop your signature style.

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