The Ultimate Quora Marketing Guide For Your Online Business

by Demi

Sometimes our questions go unanswered.

Sometimes we think we ask too much.

But one thing remains constant in a world of questions and answers; Quora is the medium.

As for today, I have put together a “Quora Marketing Guide For Your Online Business.”

What is Quora?

Quora is a site where people go to ask questions almost about anything in this world and get quality and professional answers. Quora commands interesting stats including 190 million monthly unique visitors. This makes it the perfect place to do marketing for your online business and attract plenty of traffic.



Create and Optimize a Quora Profile

The first thing you need to do as a new user to Quora is to create an engaging profile. Even as an existing user, you will have to optimize your profile. Whenever you reply to a question on the platform, a little portion of your bio is visible to others at the top. Quota displays the first 50 characters of your profile which involves your name and bio as a tagline above your answer. You have to ensure that you mention your brand name close to the beginning so that it will be included as part of the 50 characters.

This is a great opportunity to show a little branding. In your full bio, you can add clickable links as well as @-(name) mentions of others users. You can also set up a topic-specific bio through your profile page. What this does is that you can mention your industry expertise when answering questions of the same industry. It is advisable to complete the following when setting up your Quora profile.

  • Add a detailed “About Me” section
  • Type in your areas of expertise
  • Include your interests
  • Input your cities
  • Enter the schools & colleges you have attended
  • Add your previous companies


Connect Your Other Social Media Accounts

Just as it is with social media or digital marketing platforms, the data you provide will make it easier for other users to find you and your business. When a user notices that you provide the right information and are active in the industry that he or she is interested in, it can add credibility to your answers.


Create a Quora Page for your Business

Another Quora marketing guide for your online business is to create a Quora business page on the platform. On the business page, related questions about your company are discussed and answered. On Quora platform, creating a business page is the same as creating a new topic. How can you create your business page?

You have to first search for your business name on the Quora’s search box to see if it has already been listed as a topic. If it hasn’t, you can then click on your “profile icon”.  Under the “knows about” section, click on the “plus icon” and create your business page. After this, you can now type the name of your business into the search box and click on “create new topic”

After creating a new topic, go back to your profile and click on the topic that you just created. You can then edit the page and also add your business logo and description. Once you have been able to edit and set up your page, you will have to encourage Quora users to follow your page and turn it into a place where questions can be answered concerning your products or services and your business.


Optimize Your Answers on Quora For Search Engine Results

There are certain contents on Quora that actually find its way on Google search engine results. One of the ways you can enhance your Quora marketing strategy for your online business is by ensuring that you optimize your answers. Add a link to a blog article or something similar that you have written.

You may take time to come up with a great answer to a question on Quora and it might be queried on Google search result which means you would have wasted your effort in creating organic traffic. But if you can provide a link to your answer, you will succeed in driving organic traffic back to your website or blog. Remember that Quora is an information-gathering resource website and not a promotional tool; do not abuse its use.


Create a Quora Marketing strategy using Market Research

One of the most essential parts of any marketing campaign is understanding your users. Asking your users questions are a fantastic way of getting to know them. This is one of the many vital Quora marketing tips you can utilize. For instance, if you are running an online shoe store, you can make use of Quora questions to get sincere insights into the products. When you ask questions like “what are your favorite men fashion shoes for 2018?” This will give you insights into the kind of shoe users (potential customers) are interested in. You can also search further for similar questions on Quora to know what users are talking about.



There, you have it.

Quora remains one of the most powerful digital marketing medium for your online business. You should define and create a quora marketing strategy specific to your business needs.

You have unlimited opportunity to reach your client base and push your goods and services right in front of them.

Asides getting great answers to your questions, assisting other colleagues and entrepreneurs get past certain business or work-related issues, Quora is quite the fun platform too. There are fiction, movies, sci-fi, games, sports sections which could serve as an area of interest or a medium to unwind after a long days’ work.

Don’t pass on the opportunity to learn and network with a vast number of people in your industry.

You can find me on Quora sharing tips on digital marketing and blockchain related questions.



Written by Demi Oye





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