Top 5 Affordable Smart Gadgets for Your Home

by Demi

Looking for the best smart gadgets for Your home?

Technology is always finding ways to make life easier for everyone so that simple or demanding tasks can be completed using devices you can control from just about anywhere. These days there’s a smart home gadget designed for almost every home device you can think of. You can make your home a little more automated by adding a few smart gadgets that you can control with internet access or by simply using your voice.

Smart home gadgets help you manage your household better and do basic everyday tasks more quickly. These daily tasks can be strenuous and time-consuming, especially when combined with tight schedules and demanding occupations. However, these gadgets provide the support needed to finish these tasks, leaving you with more time to work. And they even save you a lot of money.

Whether you’re a homemaker or a working-class parent that wants to kick back, relax, and embrace your inner laziness, here is a list of 5 smart home gadgets that will make your life easier.


  1. Smart Lighting

How often have you come home at night with your hands full after a long day at work and an evening grocery shopping, only to be met with complete darkness when you unlock your door? You might even forget you have a side table and hit your leg on it while you’re feeling around for the light switch.  Or how often have you left the house or hopped into bed without turning off the lights in your kitchen or living room? It’s usually a hassle to get back out of bed to turn off the lights. We’ve all been in one or both of these situations at one point or the other.

Smart lighting prevents these scenarios by automating your home’s lighting system such that it can make decisions and be controlled remotely through a mobile app or voice activation. Various types of intelligent lighting are available in the market, including motion-sensing lights, wifi-based smart bulbs, and hub-connected intelligent lights. They also have features ranging from mood-based light colors, which you can control remotely, to motion sensors that activate lights and can be controlled using Google Home or Alexa. This is one of my favorite smart gadgets for your home.

  1. Smart Robotic Mops and Smart Robot Vacuums

Cleaning the floor is an essential cleaning task but can be a back-breaking chore, especially in big houses where you have to cover an extensive area. To avoid the effort of cleaning floors, an increasing number of people are turning to clever robotic mops and vacuums.  The robotic vacuums enable you to clean up your space in no time without having to lift a finger. Most smart robot vacuums are also Alexa and Google Assistant compatible, allowing you to initiate and terminate their operations with just your voice. They can also run independently, following the schedule you set in the App. Once your robotic vacuum gets rid of dust and dirt, the robotic mop is ready to take over.

Smart mops make regular mopping seem archaic. These smart robotic mops do an effortless job of cleaning the floor without breaking a sweat or using so much water. Unlike traditional mops, they include sophisticated features like voice control, area mapping, and object avoidance. They are cordless, usually powered by batteries, and come with recharging stations.  If you’re trying to save cost, you can find hybrid cleaners that do vacuuming and mopping. However, they don’t perform as well as those with separate functions.

  1. Smart Doorbells and Door locks

With smart doorbells, you can see who’s at the door from anywhere in and out of your home. Unannounced guests aren’t always welcome; now, they don’t have to know whether or not you’re home. Smart doorbells are usually fitted with mini cameras and microphones that record videos and send them to the App on your device. This works as long as your device is connected to it. Smart door locks, however, allow you to go keyless as they can be operated by key code, App, or biometric fingerprint scanner. This means you can specify and track who is allowed in your home and who isn’t. Some even come with complex programming functions that let you dictate who is allowed into your home at certain times and deny them access at other times. Security is important, so I will say this is one of the best smart gadgets for your home.

  1. Smart Water Controller

If you love outdoor gardening, you’ll love this one. But you don’t have to be a gardener to have a water sprinkler. An intelligent sprinkler should be your go-to gadget for stress-free watering if you have a lawn. This simple, smart device optimizes your irrigation system based on weather conditions to give you a healthy-looking garden all year. These smart sprinklers come with apps that have different control settings that schedule when they come on or off so you don’t have to lift a finger. They also help cut down on water usage.


  1. Smart Showers

With smart showers, you can enhance your shower time and have a more relaxing experience. Smart showers can be controlled through your phone or with virtual assistants. They also help you save water by pausing the water flow till you enter the shower and informing you when the temperature has reached a certain level.  Smart showers come with different spray functions for you to choose from and allow you to produce steam at different temperatures. Some even have a Bluetooth speaker feature that will enable you to play music while in the shower. This is a fun addition to the best smart gadgets for your home.



Several types of smart gadgets are being created every day, becoming even more intelligent. If you aren’t yet among those enjoying the ease and savings that come with smart devices, it’s high time you begin. Because one thing is sure: you can always rely on these smart home gadgets to make your life easier.


AUTHOR’S BIO – Naomi Oseni is an irreverent freelance writer who covers lifestyle and tech-related topics. When she isn’t using her words to help people live a stress-free life, she’s serving as an event assistant with Tix Africa.

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