10 Best Online Learning Platforms for 2020

by Demi

Looking for the Best Online learning Platforms on the internet? This post will help you decide what learning platform you should focus on.

With the vast capacity of the internet, online learning has been able to spread across the world, thereby increasing the level of literacy. Now, tutors find it easier to provide useful instructions to students and earn from their efforts.

What Are Online Learning Platforms?

Online course platforms offer a wide range of professional courses and skills learning, where students can acquire knowledge on almost anything. They offer education and literacy at the fingertip, at a very affordable price.
Online course platforms come with plenty of benefits for instructors and students. These digital classes are offered in the form of videos, text, audio, images, and PDF files. Instructors and course creators have the freedom to create any type of course of their choice, build a community of students, and impact the world with their skills.

What Are the Best Online Learning Platforms?

It can be challenging to find the right place to start an online course with so many options available. In this piece, we’ve taken the pain to scout through the entire internet and bring you the best online course platforms for you to start your teaching career.
These platforms were selected based on student’s ratings, a wide selection of courses, customer services, frequency of course upgrades, marketing and sales tools, features, pricing, and students’ testimonials.

1. – Teachable
With over half a billion dollars earned by tutors so far, Teachable remains one of the best online course platforms out there. They offer tutors an easy system to create beautiful online courses, with unlimited students’ access.
You can sign up for their free plan, or upgrade to Basic ($29/month), Professional ($79/month), or Business ($339/month), depending on your level. They offer course creator training, custom domain support, advanced theme customization, instant payouts, bulk student enrollment, and so on.
You’ll find several Teachable reviews online where people comment on the easy setup, and how they’re able to make thousands in just a few months. The sales and marketing features of Teachable remains one of their strong selling points.

2.- Thinkific
Using a drag and drop builder, tutors can create powerful courses on Thinkific that will add value to the life of their students. You can start off with a free account to test drive their core features, and even upload three courses, and create quizzes and surveys.
Thinkific pricing includes a 30-day money-back guarantee for their Basic ($49/month), Pro ($99/month), and Premier ($499/month), courses. You also get to save 20 per cent of your subscription when you paid for an entire year at once.
It’s one of the best teachable alternatives but a little more expensive, but you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

3.- Kajabi
Making money from online courses is not painless. However, sites like Kajabi have made life so easy for tutors, creating a platform that is basic to use for both tutors and students.
Kajabi ranks among the best online course platforms because of its marketing automation tools, customizable checkout, course site themes, and blogging functionality.
Since they started about 9 years ago, they have helped more than 25,000 businesses create successful courses that have earned more than a billion dollars in sales.
Kajabi also provides educative materials to teach their clients on steps to create and sell online courses with ease.
You can start using Kajabi from $149/month.

4.- Learnworlds
Learnworlds prides itself as a course hosting platform that offers the widest range of features anywhere on the internet. The premium learning platform based in London, UK, delivers beautiful sales pages, advanced analytics, rich interactive courses, intelligent sales engine, and so on. Tutors can create unlimited courses, generate language customization, and utilize coupons, bundles, upsells, etc. Their pricing is quite impressive as you can start using the premium features of the site from $24/month.

5.- Podia
Podia is popular for offering one of the best online course platforms with the easiest setup system. In just three steps, anyone can create powerful online courses, start promoting it and earn huge profits.
Sign up for a 14-day trial period with access to the best and most engaging features you can ever find on a course hosting platform. In addition to that, they also provide a membership option that allows users to build and grow their own community and connect them to Facebook Groups and Slack.
Users also have access to powerful sales tools and resources that can help them increase sales. For example, you can add coupons and sales pages, pre-launch courses, run affiliate programs within the platform, and interact directly with students.

6.- Ruzuku
Ruzuku is an online learning platform where you can create courses that people will love. One of the most impressive aspects of this platform for online courses is the ability to quickly create PDFs and texts in minutes.
It integrates with third-party tools like MailChimp, and Infusionsoft and payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal to accept payments. Also, there is no transaction fee charge. They have a very strong philosophy that promotes learning culture and knowledge sharing. So, you’re going to be part of a great community of tutors and learners with a strong purpose in using knowledge to change the world.

7.- Academy of Mine
With only $499/month you can create your own e-learning platform with an all-in-one solution. Academy of Mine is the perfect platform for businesses that create professional training and certifications.
Once you sign up, you’ll have access to 24/7 dedicated customer support helpdesk, free onboarding & walkthrough, fully customizable learning management system, analytics & student reporting, etc.
Set up content in PDFs, videos, text, and audio, and easily track assignments and quizzes for optimal monitoring of students’ performance.

What Are the Best Online Course Platforms?

An online learning platform offers both students and tutors an opportunity to interact and exchange knowledge values. Many of them have courses thought by professionals in various fields, from engineering to craft making.
The benefits of using learning platforms are enormous. For example, people in different parts of the world have accessed courses that were not available in any physical learning classes in their native land.
These online learning platforms are also loaded with features that make learning easy. You can easily create courses, build a community of students, answer direct questions in your mail, and upgrade your courses as frequently as you desired.

How Do I Create and Sell Online Courses?

Creating an online course is not too complicated but it takes commitment and planning. First, you need to pick a particular online course that you want to create. You don’t have to be told you need to be an expert in this course you’re teaching.

Next, you need to validate your online course to be sure that it’s something people are looking for, or willing to pay to see. The best way to do this is to pre-sell, ask people, or launch a pilot. Once your validation yield positive results then you can go on and create your course content and the course itself. Make sure your content is engaging, entertaining, inspirational, and educational to interest learners.

Host your course on the platform of your choice and make use of marketing techniques to get it out there. SEO, social media ads and other methods will go a long way in helping you find your students.

What are the best Online Course Marketplaces?

The Best Online Course Platforms or marketplaces are the ones that make it easy to create content and sell it to students. These platforms offer powerful tools and resources that you can use, so you can be successful in your business.

8. SkillShare
Skillshare is one of the best places to teach almost anything and earn money from it. You’re offered the freedom to create courses, build a community, and inspire millions of students across the world. Skillshare currently has a free 2-months premium for anyone to teach business, creative, lifestyle and technology.

9. Udemy
Udemy is perhaps the most popular online course platform and marketplace. Udemy is a great place to become an online instructor and earn money from any type of knowledge you may have perfected.

Currently, they have over 190 million course enrollments, in 190 countries, delivered in 50 different languages. Their 30 million student’s base is a testament to their very effective online learning model that has transformed the way knowledge is shared. You can teach in more than 13 different categories and hundreds of subcategories including web and mobile development, design, marketing, lifestyle, health and fitness, and storytelling.

10. OpenSesame
Staff training today is at the core of every organization’s growth strategy, and OpenSesame provides an online platform to make it easier. OpenSesame is one of the most powerful and best online course platforms to create and manage corporate learning programs, using very simple tools. They also have more than 20,000 courses from top publishers around the world, where organizations can tap for their training needs.

How to Select the Best Online Course Platform

Not every online platform is right for you. Therefore, your success begins when you’re able to select the best online course platform that will suit your needs. Before you sign up with a platform make sure they have the right features and tools to help you grow your business. You should also understand how the learning platform works.
Some systems allow you to control your content and pricing, while others have a pre-made market place for you to sell. Pick the one that works best with your plan.

Make sure the platform you’re signing up with has most of the things you need to grow your business, based on your course content and marketing plans. Customer service is also very crucial; you want to work with a company that picks your call anything you have an issue.


The internet is the future of learning. As an expert, you can sign up with any of the top best online course platforms and start making money. They have powerful tools, resources, and capacities you can use to grow your business.

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