How to Create a Personal Branding Strategy That fits Your Resume

by Demi

Not still sure how to create a personal branding strategy that stands out and differentiates you from the litany of competitors in your field?

You are not alone. Today’s fierce competition in various fields means you can’t afford to embody an average persona or business profile.

This piece will help you understand how to revamp your personal brand and attract the kind of collaborations that will spur you to excellence.

Branding Strategies For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Many job seekers scale through the resume selection process but fail at interviews. Why does this happen? Because a resume talks about one on paper while an interview brings one to life before an audience.

With growth, people meet one first before referring to what they have on paper. To get into the right circles of society, your personal brand is what speaks for you. This is why you must create a personal brand that matches what’s on your resume. A personal brand (and not) a resume is what makes one stand out. 

This article will teach you three simple hacks to help you build and grow your personal brand.

Let’s go!

Get Creative in expressing your personality

Creativity has taken over in this age. For this reason, even companies and entrepreneur now look beyond a person’s resume.

People trust other people and not what they produce or the service they render. The real key to success in our world today is getting people to believe whatever you stand for; especially in your field.

They could trust in your skills, vision, your goals, and your personality.

The fact that many people adopt the resumes of top people in their industry makes the market more competitive. Imagine two people with the same resume coming for an interview. The one to get the job is the one with a better personality. Remember, the average human’s attention span is eight seconds. So the question is: Is your personality exciting enough to keep them interested?

Utilize the Online space to Your Advantage

Smart individuals use the online space to draw others to their personal brand.

You don’t have to stay quiet about your achievements. Nobody loves a boaster but that should not stop you from showcasing who you are, what you stand for, what you have achieved, what you hope to achieve and the things you do every day to achieve your dreams.

Leverage on social media platforms like LinkedIn (where you can show your speciality and connect to people in your field). There are other platforms like Facebook (where you can collaborate, network and get tips to help you in your area), Instagram (where you can show what you stand for through your pictures and become a face to reckon with) and Twitter (where you can express your ideas, opinions, and thoughts.

Your personal branding strategy is similar to marketing yourself, so that prospective employers or clients can connect with the real you. Lastly, when using multiple platforms, endeavour to publish content in the same tone to avoid conflicting stories.

Share your vision in a precise manner

Imagine working in an organization whose vision aligns with yours. When that brand locates a person with a similar vision, they would pull all stops to bring that talent on-board.

Everywhere you go, ensure you express your vision both in words and actions. “Everywhere” is not limited to physical places. Leverage your virtual relationships and grow your network of contacts.

When you begin to work with organizations/clients aligned with your vision, it would all be worth it. Imagine being the best fit for a particular position; an employer or client will do anything to have you.


Your personal branding strategy is what takes you out of the noise, so it’s as vital as your degree(s). All you need is to be creative in your expressions, use your most effective channels and share your vision with the world.

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