How to Create the Perfect ICO White Paper for Your ICO Project

by Demi

Year in, year out, funding remains a vital ingredient for growth and survival for several corporations.

But what does creating a perfect ICO white paper have to do with this?

Stick close.

From big corporations to start-ups, to non-governmental organizations, the funding dilemma is the same especially with the shift to an era of digital currency.

Hence, it is not infamous to hear of terms such as ‘public investment offers, crowdfunding, and fundraising.’ As cryptocurrency is on the rise, companies now embrace Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as the modus operandi for allowing investors have a stake in business ownership, as opposed to the traditional Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Through it all, one thing has been constant; decision makers keep turning to white papers for information. Investors use white papers to discover which ventures would drive a high ROI and bring about high-value leads. Hence, it is essential to know the ingredients that must be found in a white paper for it to be termed ‘perfect.’

A perfectly written white paper is the key to several successful ICO stories right here.

ICO white paper

6 essential keys to writing a perfect ICO white paper


Make a list of your points

First things first, ensure you put down every aspect you hope to touch in your white paper in writing.

Answer the following questions and put your answers in writing:

  • What is the focus of your project?
  • Do you have a specific cryptocurrency you are looking at? Would alternatives work for you?
  • Are there organizations already involved in your project? What is the extent or specifics of their involvement?

Alternatively, a professional white paper writer or a white paper ghostwriter takes away the stress.

Include a brief background of your organization

A whitepaper gives you the opportunity to blow your trumpet. However, do it subtly. No investor will release funds to an organization without a rough background on who you are or what you have done so far. Do well to give a great history, milestones attained and where you see yourself in the nearest future. Perhaps, you are experiencing problems in putting these together in the most professional way, hire a white paper ghostwriter.

Use a conversational tone

At its very core, a white paper is still a form of storytelling. While being professional, be sure to reflect how you want to be seen. Do not use a robotic voice, loosen up instead. Even while doing that, ensure your tone of communication is uniform through and through. Show some liveliness and let out an air of positivity through your writing.

Maintaining these principles at the same time may not be easy, and so, it’s great to allow a professional white paper writer do the job. The caution here is to let only one whitepaper ghostwriter do the writing from start to finish. Uniformity is essential and using only one whitepaper ghostwriter achieves uniformity/consistency.

Be real; do not forget to include actionable information

While expressing the dreams of the organization, goals, and aspirations, many white papers lack information on why they chose to use an ICO project. Several organizations usually decide to go through other traditional fundraising methods. A persuasive tone is vital in achieving this, and a professional white paper writer takes away the stress of thinking of pulling all components into one. KPIs with numeric values also give you an edge with investors.

Your contact information and Team members must be included

Just like in every business document, pitch or application, your latest contact information must be in your white paper.  Include your addresses, all relevant emails, phone numbers and the address for the fundraising. The time left for your potential investors to invest must be clearly stated.


Write, Proofread, then edit

When talking about making a white paper or any document perfect, proofreading and editing are quite essential elements.  A professional white paper writer or white paper ghostwriters from the best sources will proofread and edit appropriately. Written English must be used effectively and services like Grammarly help to crosscheck the use of English.


To Wrap It Up

It is not enough to write. Wealthy members of the public who wish to invest or even large investment corporations may misplace information needed to reach out or invest. A simple call stirs up the interest of some people better than whatever is on paper as well.

Get an expertly written ICO whitepaper today.

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