How to Use Two Tinder Accounts on the Same Phone

by Opeoluwa Falodun

Multiple profiles or match criteria? Looking for a guide on How to Use Two Tinder Accounts on the Same Phone? Read this article.

There are many dating applications available in the app store, but Tinder remains the most used. Tinder is a feature-rich app with more than 30 billion matches, and signing up is easy.

Even more than one Tinder profile can be created if you so choose. On your device, you cannot have all of those profiles open at once.

How to Open More Than One Tinder Account at Once

There are three ways you can Use Two Tinder Accounts on the Same Phone.

1: Tinder++

With a ton of extra features, Tinder++ is a customized version of the original software that you can use alongside the stock app and have two accounts open at once. Only an unofficial app store called TutuApp allows users to get Tinder++, but doing so is simple:

  1. Utilize the official website to download TutuApp to your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Open the Settings app and navigate to General > Profiles before using it.
  3. Locate the TutuApp profile, tap it, select Trust
  4. Close Settings to launch TutuApp from your home screen.
  5. To install Tinder++ on your device, perform a search then follow the on-screen directions.

2: Parallel Space

You may get this cloning app from the iOS app store because it is legitimate.

  1. Download Parallel Space from the app store. The first three days are free, and if you decide to keep it, the game will cost you $9.99.
  2. Launch the app on your iPhone or iPad and grant all the permissions that are required; they include the ability to contact you, use your microphone, camera, and storage. Because it is used to mimic social media apps, which all utilize these functionalities, the app requires certain permissions.
  3. Tap Tinder, then select Clone App from the list of all the apps on your device that should appear.

3: Panda Helper

Another unofficial app shop, Panda Helper, offers tens of thousands of free unapproved apps, games, and other items. Since you may download multiple versions of Tinder++, you can have as many Tinder profiles open at once as you like, unlike TutuApp.

  1. Utilize the official links to download Panda Helper to your device.
  2.  Open Settings, and tap on Security
  3.  Open Profiles and trust the profile of Panda app
  4. Search for Tinder++ by opening the Panda App.
  5. A number of versions with various features will show; select and tap on each one you desire, then adhere to the on-screen directions to download it.
  6. You may have all of them open at once if you sign into each one using a different Tinder profile.

You can open multiple Tinder apps on your iPhone or iPad simultaneously using this method. You can run as many copies of the app that you like without constantly logging in and out of accounts because each one that you clone or download can be configured with a new Tinder profile.

The best part is that Panda Helper and TutuApp both offer thousands of more apps and games while still being free to use. You can install as many Tinder applications as you like on your iPhone or iPad without having to jailbreak your device; all you need is adequate space. Anybody can utilize any of these techniques because a jailbreak is not necessary, and the security of your device is not jeopardized.

All you have to do is ensure that the profiles in your Settings app are trustworthy, but if you prefer not to utilize unauthorized app stores, you may use the official Parallel Space app instead. Just keep in mind that all of your cloned applications will vanish if you don’t pay the subscription cost after your trial period. Try one of these safe techniques right away and let us know how it goes. Try a different approach if one doesn’t work for you.


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