How to Write an Essay About Yourself in College

by Opeoluwa Falodun

Looking for a guide on How to Write an Essay About Yourself in College as a student in Nigeria, USA, UK, Europe or Asia?

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Your application for the scholarship needs you to submit an essay about yourself. How simple could something be? You have, after all, been residing alone for at least 17 years. You are the only one who truly knows yourself. When you try to start typing on your computer, your mind becomes blank. All of a sudden, everything you know about yourself makes you feel undeserving of a $5,000 scholarship.

What on earth can you write about to pique the scholarship committee’s interest sufficiently? Check out our detailed instructions on how to write a college essay on yourself before you start stressing.

 Write an Essay About Yourself in College

Step 1: Brainstorm 

Any scholarship essay prompt should be approached by first doing some thinking. Before you begin writing, we strongly advise that you take some time to consider the essay prompt. In addition to sparking your imagination, doing this will improve the organization and coherence of your essay.

Brainstorm Ideas

Sit down in a quiet area with a pen and paper to begin brainstorming. Consider your upbringing, your family’s financial situation, your academic record, your early years, your education, the sports you participate in, and anything else that contributes to who you are. If you’re having trouble starting a discussion, try talking to your parents or friends about yourself. Make notes on the paper about yourself.

Dig Deeper

It’s time to go deeper into the information you’ve provided about yourself. Your scholarship essay should attempt to persuade the scholarship committee that you are deserving of winning by telling a story about yourself. How can you make your own experiences into a gripping narrative? What personal details can you share that will help people know who you are?

It is beneficial to consider your audience when you want to write an Essay About Yourself in College. Learn more about the scholarship provider to accomplish this! Read the “about” section on their website. What values do they uphold? What sort of learners do they honor?

How much you had to study to earn your 3.8 GPA would be of interest to your audience. Your GPA and exam results may have aided in your admission to college, but they may not be sufficient to secure you a scholarship. Numerous kids have GPAs that are almost perfect, so writing about it can be a little dry.

Your readers are interested in learning about the difficulties you’ve encountered or the memorable experiences you’ve had. Did your parents leave you alone after school every day while they were at work to supervise a younger sibling? Have you ever had mental health issues or learning difficulties that made it difficult for you to study? How did you come to the decision to major in business in college? When we say to dive deep, this is what we mean. go beneath the surface. Discuss your past experiences that led you to your current position.

Step 2: What to Include in an Essay About Yourself

Naturally, a scholarship essay on yourself can cover a lot of ground. Your essay can go in a lot of different directions. Keep in mind that you should include facts about yourself in your essay to make it interesting to read. It’s okay to include information about yourself in your essay. But you had better add a lot of flavoring to those facts.


Topics You Can Address in Your Essay

You can introduce yourself in your essay in a variety of ways. Remember that the subject of your essay must be you and your unique life experiences. You can base your essay on one or more of the following subjects.

  • Experiences that influenced your decision on a major.
  • Issues you’ve had to deal with that have affected your life and schooling.
  • Sports you play or unique hobbies you have.
  • How you’ve evolved through time.
  • Your academic experiences.
  • Future professional objectives you have.
  • Your accomplishments.
  • Special connections that have motivated you. If you select this subject, keep in mind that the essay must still be about you. Your essay should cover a subject that you may relate to your academic or professional objectives. If it didn’t have any bearing on your education or profession, it probably isn’t pertinent for the scholarship.

Keep in mind that you must discuss both the why and the how. For instance, why are you working toward a law degree? Why did you take this path to a degree? How might a law degree benefit your future plans? What life events inspired you to want to practice law?

Step 3: Sketch an Outline

It’s time to get organized now that you know what you’ll write about when writing an Essay About Yourself in College. The last thing you should do before beginning to write is to create an outline. Decide on one or two of the subjects we recommended, then start planning out what you’ll cover in each paragraph. An introduction, three to five body paragraphs, and a conclusion should make up your essay.

Check out our advice on what to include in your essay and what not to:


  • Make an impression right away with your writing.
  • Put yourself in the position of the reader. Are you able to express yourself sufficiently in your essay? Do you persuade the reader that you are deserving of the prize?
  • Make inquiries and learn as much as you can about the organization in question. Make an effort to join their initiatives.
  • Do your interests or objectives align with those of the organization? What benefits can you provide the company?
    Include only pertinent details. Something is generally useless or inappropriate if it seems so.
  • Since this is about you, write in the first person.
  • Specify your examples. Instead of stating that you suffered during your freshman year, provide examples.
  • Display your abilities and accomplishments.
  • Make sure your essay is engaging. It’s not good enough if it doesn’t captivate your viewers right away.
  • Edit and proofread your essay. Your scholarship could be lost due to such little spelling errors. They detract from your writing and don’t effectively convey your professionalism to the reader. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is your responsibility to proofread your work before submission.
  • Apply the proper format.
  • In your transcripts, describe your academic shortcomings. This is your time to own up to the ‘D’ you received in math your freshman year. Write about your difficulties with algebra and how obtaining a tutor inspired you to get better. By placing the blame on a teacher, do not in any way use the victim card!
  • It’s normal to make mistakes! Write about the lessons you took away from your errors and how they strengthened you.
  • Be true to yourself and write (grammatically right, of course) as you would. It’s not as amazing as you might think to try to dazzle with thesaurus words.
  • Adhere to the essay’s instructions! Even if you write the best essay possible, you run the chance of being disqualified if you don’t adhere to the rules.


  • Falsehood: Making up tales to impress the scholarship committee won’t work. Lying screams fakeness. We assure you that scholarship judges can tell when kids are lying because it is so clear.
  • If you believe that boasting about your 4.0 GPA would get you a scholarship, you are mistaken. Show off your assurance without coming across as haughty or conceited.
  • Use the essay as a platform to share your most private family information. This is not the place to sob uncontrollably or reveal private details.
  • Regarding your career aspirations, be vague. Which does it make more sense to reward—a student with clearly defined ambitions or one who has no idea what they want to accomplish with their lives?
  • Reiterate the same information repeatedly. Your readers will start to snore!
  • Apply clichés. Overused clichés are bad! Be brave and original.

Now that you know how to Write an Essay About Yourself in College.

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