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by Opeoluwa Falodun

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In 2008, Honda launched another road masterclass, a revelation on the road, sleek handling, and unquestionably one of the brand’s sleekest designs to date. This went beyond the typical form of Honda automobiles, beyond the basic difficulties recognized with Honda, and beyond the conventional style. In 2008, Honda unveiled a new-generation Honda Accord, demonstrating once more that they are at the top of their game.

When it was originally produced, the superbly designed road magic caused a major sensation. It took Nigerians less than a year from the time of its debut for them to give this gorgeous roadside sweetheart a name; a moniker that speaks to its efficiency, roughness, and most significantly, how it attracts people’s attention both on and off the road.
Honda Accord was viewed as Toyota Camry’s main rival when it was introduced a year after Toyota introduced the Toyota “Muscle”. The two cars have a lot in common, and rightly so. They both maintain firm handling and stability and are sturdy and long-lasting.

Even if “Evil Spirit” is not the most stylish name for a car, this Honda creation must remain with it. Honda is renowned for producing innovative and durable automobiles, and both the market and the auto industry praised the company for its achievements. What else would you anticipate from a company that competes with the world’s best?
Honda produced the Evil Spirit model of the Accord for four years, from 2008 to 2012. The car is still one of the most sought-after today despite production having halted roughly six years ago, and it continues to hold its worth as well as it can. Customers looking for a sedan or coupe that does nearly everything well might consider this Honda model.


Prices of Brand new Honda Accord (Evil Spirit) in Nigeria

When the Honda Accord Evil Spirit was originally introduced in 2008, it was one of Honda’s top models. It continues to rank among the most popular Honda cars ever produced. This promoted further production up until the company’s final 2012 recall. Consequently, the brand-new Honda Accord Evil Spirit (2008–2012) is no longer on the market. Since that time, Honda has switched to a different design and continues to produce automobiles annually.

Prices of Honda Accord Evil Spirit in Nigeria (Foreign Used/ Tokunbo)

The Tokunbo variant is often the finest for cars that the brand no longer produces. Nigeria has emerged as one of the top African nations that welcomes the entry of secondhand cars from abroad. Recent studies have shown that Tokunbo vehicles are more frequently purchased or consumed than brand-new automobiles. This is due to the fact that it makes it simpler for customers to negotiate a better price. The strain of importing and customs clearance is also eliminated. Although customs charges, tariffs, and foreign exchange changes frequently have an impact on the cost of these automobiles, they are still reasonably priced and desirable. Let us take a quick look at prices of various tokunbo models of Honda Accord from 2008 to 2012

  • Honda Accord 2008 – N2, 000, 000 – N3, 500, 000
  • Honda Accord 2009 – N2, 200, 000 – N4, 000, 000
  • Honda Accord 2010 – N2, 500, 000 – N4, 500, 000
  • Honda Accord 2011 – N3, 000, 000 – N5, 000, 000
  • Honda Accord 2012 – N3, 500, 000 – N5, 500, 000

Due to its toughness and longevity, the Honda Accord, Evil Spirit, has a high resale and used value, which is one of its selling advantages. This indicates that the car’s quality and efficiency are not impacted by its use after three to five years, keeping its worth.

Prices of Locally Used Honda Accord Evil Spirit in Nigeria

In recent years, the demand for the purchase of locally used cars has significantly increased in Nigeria. This can be due to the country’s economic downturn and a higher proportion of middle class people than upper class people. Locally used cars are still a welcome alternative even if they might not be as clean and near-perfect as brand-new or foreign-owned models.

The automobile brands with the greatest attraction for used-car sales are those whose maintenance parts are easily accessible on the auto market.

One might not notice the difference in tough and durable automobiles, especially if they are still clean and well-kept when searching for Nigeria prices for the Honda Accord Evil Spirit. The list that follows displays the various costs for second-hand Honda Accord Evil Spirit in Nigeria. The fuel economy, overall condition of the automobile, and the year of manufacturing are only a few of the variables that affect costs.

  • Honda Accord 2008 – N1, 000, 000 – N2, 800, 000
  • Honda Accord 2009 – N1, 400, 000 – N3, 000, 000
  • Honda Accord 2010 – N1, 500, 000 – N3, 500, 000
  • Honda Accord 2011 – N1, 800, 000 – N3, 800, 000
  • Honda Accord 2012 – N2, 000, 000 – N4, 500, 000

Now that you know Nigeria prices for the Honda Accord Evil Spirit, are you ready to get one.

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