Top 10 Paying Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

by Opeoluwa Falodun

Looking for a guide that shows you Jobs for Stay at Home Moms wherever you are? Read this post to know more.

For many, being able to work from home is the ultimate sign of independence. Work from home positions may be a great, practical choice, particularly for moms and students searching for fulfilling and flexible employment opportunities.

For many job seekers seeking work-from-home opportunities, locating jobs in a nation like Nigeria is a substantial problem. Even though it’s not extremely common in Nigeria yet, a few companies are starting to hire full-time remote workers in 2018 to reduce operating expenses.

Are you trying to find a quick and simple way to earn money in Nigeria? Here are some fantastic work from home opportunities for Nigerian students and stay-at-home mothers.


1. Content Writer.

If creating content is your specialty, you might check out businesses and websites that provide Nigerians with freelancing writing opportunities. Employers are continuously searching for experts who can provide new material that draws visitors, as there is a high need for thoroughly researched online content. Check out sites like fiverr, upwork,

To draw in and hold on to a precisely defined audience and, eventually, encourage lucrative consumer action, content writing is a strategic marketing method that focuses on producing and disseminating informative, timely, and consistent material.


2. Social Media Consultant.

It’s now time to make use of all those hours spent on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media is becoming an essential part of PR and advertising for businesses across a wide range of sectors. If you are an adept user of social media, you may manage a company’s social media accounts and get paid for it.

In essence, a social media consultant serves as a company’s online eyes, ears, and voice. Among your duties as a social media consultant include increasing brand recognition, driving social media traffic to a website, responding to client questions and providing support—all while maintaining the reputation of your business.

3. Virtual Assistant.

Being a virtual assistant might be a perfect fit for you if you’re searching for Jobs for Stay at Home Moms that doesn’t require you to work in an actual office. Depending on the business, tasks may differ, however they may involve managing emails, managing social media, arranging documents, setting up appointments, data input, and editing.

Depending on your credentials, becoming a virtual assistant may require some training or briefing. Nonetheless, you may get started quickly if you can use programs like Microsoft Office and have strong communication skills.

4. Proofreader.

Another fantastic part-time job for Stay at stay-at-home moms is proofreading. Given the volume of material available online, competent proofreaders are in great demand. You may make a nice living proofreading documents at home if you have an excellent eye for faults and grammatical problems.

Proofreaders are usually extremely meticulous and can identify even the slightest mistakes. As a remote proofreader, your responsibilities will include checking grammar, formatting, facts, and consistency, among other things.

5. Blogger.

The trend of blog monetization has grown within the last ten years. You may use Google Adsense to monetize your site by being allowed to display adverts on it. The next step is to wait to find out if your account has been accepted. albeit so, you may keep getting ad placements and make a consistent, albeit not substantial, revenue from it.

Google Adsense makes payments based on how many clicks and views the adverts get. As an alternative, you may use your blog to make money by selling products or promoting affiliate links. You might sell ad space on your site to blog sponsors if your blog is already receiving a lot of traffic.

6. YouTuber.

YouTube might be the best platform for you if you don’t feel awkward in front of the camera and know how to use a video camera. Select a specialized topic for your films and begin going, but make sure it will appeal to many viewers.

A mid-range smartphone with a decent camera will be enough for recording movies; you don’t need to have fancy gear or a set-up. You must set up a YouTube channel to ensure that others can view your films.

7. Translator.

Being a document translator is something you should really think about if you speak a second language fluently. Because of your special qualities, this employment will not only pay more, but it will also support you in maintaining and increasing your language proficiency.

If you can demonstrate your competence, many global companies, academics, and writers would be happy to hire you for their translation requirements. Sign up for a well-known freelance website like Upwork to begin making money.

8. Transcriptionist.

If you have high typing speed, you might be able to use that ability to make some extra money from home. If you have exceptional typing skills, you might be able to make a nice living from transcribing.

Naturally, being able to type well is essential, but accuracy and proper grammar are also crucial. Pay for transcription services might be based on the number of lines or words written, the audio minute transcribed, or, less commonly, the hour.

9. Online Tutor.

In Nigeria, beginning an internet teaching business is rather simple. Online tutoring positions are ideal if you enjoy teaching and are seeking for a work-from-home opportunity.

Make quick, five to ten-minute films about any topic or subject that piques your interest and post them to online learning sites such as Teachable, Skillshare, and Udemy. Every student who signs up for your course earns you money.

10. Web Developer.

Are you somewhat knowledgeable about web design and coding? Then you can get a web dev Jobs for Stay at Home Moms. Then working as a website developer from home is a breeze for you. You may discover plenty of simple online lessons to get you started, even if you are a rookie interested in the field.

Since web development is typically outsourced by Nigerian corporations and enterprises, employment in this field ought should be straightforward. Remember that there are many independent web developers available who can compete with you. It’s critical to identify your specialty, establish a solid reputation, and maintain fair prices.

Now that you know the best Jobs for Stay at Home Moms, we wish you the very best.

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