Why Product Comparison in Content Marketing is Old News and Risky

by Demi

Engaging in product comparison is very risky. It is one of the most dangerous ways to go about content marketing. The average person sees an average of 5,000 marketing messages in a day. These statistics show how far content travels.

The strategy of using product comparison in content marketing has worked in the past for some new brands. This effect worked for some customers like to try new products over the old ones. Comparison ads and content are the stimulators for this effect.

In recent times, comparing products in the content market is outdated. It’s also unneeded. Social media forms a considerable portion of marketing. Digital marketing is widely accepted. Product comparison from brands is a huge turn off for most consumers.

Having a brand story that consumer wants to buy into is opted for instead. The problem is not that people don’t want to see products comparison; they don’t want it directly from the brands. People look for comparisons by reading reviews and not from the brand blogs.

This year, the rate at which consumers trust in US companies has dropped drastically this year. The figures are far lower than those of the previous years.

Before shopping for new products, 82 percent of US adults sometimes read online customer reviews. Consumers also go online to give their reviews for others to see. Social media is also an excellent tool for sharing experiences with products or companies.

Consumers don’t care about your brand blog says about other products. Do not waste your airtime running down your competitor.

Don’t allow your competitors to use your airtime. That is a great way to approach the competition. Comparison in any of your contents only draws the user to those other brands. When you compare in a bid to make your competitor look bad, you’re still drawing attention to them.

Do not include links that discourage your customers from patronizing other close brands. Potential clients could easily get distracted; navigating their site.

The attention should be placed more on creating a real connection with your potential customers through everything your brand reflects. Your brand story doesn’t stop selling at your blog post. Every single thing that has to do with your brand from your logo, to your team song, to your support center are components of your story. When these stories are real, they are emotional, memorable and raw. They are also prone to make a connection with potential customers. This approach is far better than reflecting rivalry.

Don’t reflect rivalry. It makes your potential customers and current customers to feel the need to compare brands thoroughly.


Hope for the Future

The up-and-coming brands of our days are more focused on competitive differentiation. Brands have found a way to focus more on creating compelling content. As the saying goes, “content is King.” Instead of calling out other brands, this new approach is way more comfortable. All they do here is focus on their storytelling. They make their offers stand out from the others by telling a relatable story. After doing telling their brand story, the consumers are left to decide on what they want.

This method is great for startups. The new techniques that prove successful can also appeal to decades-old brands that seem unable to stop calling themselves out. The brands that keep including product comparison in their content come across as insecure.


To Wrap It Up

Product comparisons still exist of course. The difference here is that it would be considered odd for content marketing. People would believe the news, general information or reviews from other consumers and not comparisons from the brand itself.


Written by Demi Oye


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