Prices of Mikano Generators in Nigeria

by Opeoluwa Falodun

Looking for a guide on the Prices of Mikano Generators in Nigeria? Read this post to get started if you are trying to get an alternative power source.

Mikano is one of the top suppliers to take into consideration if you need a generator for industrial purposes. Mikano Nigeria entered the market with a dominant position in the production of electricity. Generators for hire, gas, and diesel engines are its three primary categories.
With quality generating sets ranging from 9KVA to 5000KVA for homes and businesses, Mikano Generators is the largest assembler of power generating sets from recognized Generator manufacturers Perkins UK and Stamford/Meccalte Alternator UK.


Compressed natural gas (CNG) generator sets, which ensure up to 50% running cost savings when no gas pipeline is available, bi-fuel generating sets, which run on 70% gas and 30% diesel, and IPP power plant solutions with Gas/Diesel power generation are just a few of the operational solutions offered by Mikano.

Mikano generators are available for purchase both offline and online. There are essentially two ways to obtain a Mikano Generator. One is to just buy it. You might also rent it. Rental options are available for 20KVA to 2000KVA diesel and gas generators.

However, rentals are only offered to customers that require a power generator for a brief period of time, and this is dependent on the capacity you require being available. Customers can rent generators from Mikano’s rental department, which has a pool of more than 120 of them.

The causes of price variations among Mikano generators

In Nigeria, the cost of generators often varies according to how much power they can provide. A 250KVA generator may cost as much as N6.5m, whereas a 650VA generator may cost as little as N15,000. Prices for generators are neither fixed nor precise because they are subject to fluctuate depending on a variety of variables, including market demand, currency exchange rates, how much power they can produce (in KVA), the location of purchase, and the efficiency of the electric generator set.

The degree of customization will affect how much a Mikano generator costs. A soundproof generator is more expensive. The cost is also increased by automation.

Benefits of buying Mikano Generators

Mikano generators come in a variety of capacities for both industrial and domestic use. The power capacities of residential-class diesel generators range from 9 KVA to 150 KVA, while those of industrial-class diesel generators range from 150 KVA to 2000 KVA. You might alternatively like a gas-powered Mikano generator with a 350KVA–1250KVA capacity range.

Mikano generators, which are built in the UK by Perkins, are essentially designed for tropical environments. They provide radiators that are suitable for our tropical climate and water-cooled engines.

Custom options: Mikano can make your generator specific to your needs if you’d like. You could, for instance, make your Mikano generators soundproof. Both an automatic system changeover and an automatic start/stop capability can be enabled. Mikano can also assist you with a synchronized system if you need one.

Support provided after the sale: Mikano Generator operators can also receive training. Since they are readily available, service and spare parts are not a problem.

Prices of Mikano Generators in Nigeria


Mikano Generators in Nigeria, Fairly Used, and Prices

The price of a secondhand Mikano (and other brands of soundproof) generator depends on how many hours it has been used, not how long it has been owned. Because it shows how much work the generator has done, the number of hours is a more accurate parameter. A generator purchased ten years ago and only used for 500 hours is preferable than one purchased two years ago and operated for 2,000 hours.

However, used soundproof generators are typically far less expensive than new ones. Prices for used generators normally range from around 70% of the cost of new ones to roughly 40%, depending on the number of operating hours.

  • 20KVA – 40KVA: From N1,500,000
  • 50KVA – 80KVA: From N3,700,000
  • 100KVA – 400KVA: From N4,500,000
  • 500KVA – 800KVA : From N36,000,000

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